Made To Create


After the collection “Strength and Resistance”, we turned ourselves to the roots of the brand and how it born, releasing the collection “Made to create” that translates the essence of Metralha.

Our brand was born from a dream, in this dream everything was perfect. There was no challenges, no difficulties, only pure imagination and all that we wanted was made by a thought. To that place we called “paradise” that gave birth to two slogans “made in paradise” and “designed by gods, created by humans”. That means that the dreams are architected by gods where there is no hardship but they are created by humans, and then it’s when the ideas come to life and the imperfections and challenges take a part on the process and that is what makes it beautiful.

In this collection we built a role in which we take the gods wishes and transformed them in to reality. Through this concept and inspired in the greek culture, we created this historical collection.



This collection starts in the beginning of times, embodying the ancient greek culture and its whole essence. There was a time that Humans believed that the Olympian gods were the center, reason and voice behind everything. Their battles, their dreams, the arts, the believes, the nature and all its creations. Everything had a purpose designed by the gods. Even the Humans itself.

Gods were untouchable and each and every one of them had its own power and essence. They too had a purpose of their own in the world. Although the gods may seem perfect beings, there was a believe that each one represented a certain side of the human condition, with flaws and weaknesses to serve as a reminder of the human’s imperfections.



 Our collection was our way to ignite theses believes and it was created with the conviction that our ideas came in fact from the Gods, through dreams, and is up to us, humans to create and make sure they translate in to reality. But just like in the Greek Culture, this honor gave by the Gods, was reserved only to the braver, the worthy and most audacious humans.

To those chosen ones, we call them Metralha. An elite of artists that regardless the obstacles and challenges, will pick-up those dreams, fight and turn them in to reality – that’s why, we are “made to create”.

When the time came to putt our collection in motion we chose to represent Apollo, god of music and arts and one of the sons of Zeus himself. Apollo also represented the sun and the truth and in the form of many architectonical expressions dedicated to him, he was one of the most worship and adore gods of all the Classical Antiquity History.



 Just like the believes in that era, in our collection everything as a purpose, and a reason of being. From the story, to the design, the tailoring and the colors.

We combined the white and gold, to transmit the purity, the royalty, the greatness and the divine carved in the thousand temples built in homage to the Gods.

We can also feel the sand, the sun and the clay, in the camel color in our pieces. Those essential raw materials that were the foundations used in the construction of ancient buildings and in pottery art – two typical and major daily life expressions of the ancient greek culture.

Last but not least, the color green. The hope, the freedom and the strength of the nature that surround us and shows off its power!

This is our collection “Made to Create” and this is how we, as Metralha, pay tribute to the history by connecting it to the present.


The Photoshoot Collection took place in Braga (Portugal) and Barcelona (Spain)

Photographers – Artiff, Rafaela Ramos and Arnauld Puig

Videographer – Filipe Pereira