Metralha x Flexfit


It was in our plans for ages to create a line of headwear that showed the essence of our brand and for that, we needed the right partnership. After making deep research we finally decide with whom we would make it come to a reality.

With that in mind we decide to contact our friends in Flexfit to join us on this project, to assure that the quality standards would never be at risk. 

Who is Flexfit?

Flexfit is a renown brand that needs no presentation, they have been in the headwear business for over 40 years. With their minds focused on the future, Flexfit is always investing on the innovation of the manufacturing in order to provide the best quality headwear and at the same time taking care of the world making their productions based on sustainable policy.

Their values like integrity, quality and innovation are in sync with ours. One of the Flexfit’s statements is “NEVER SETTLING, ALWAYS EVOLVING”. And that is something we can absolutely relate with, making them a perfect partner in this collaboration

Our headwear collaboration is all about original pieces that give one more dimension to our brand, creating a new bound in the streetwear culture.

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