Creative Contest 1st Edition


Do you know how you grow in this world? By working in community, hearing, seeing, accepting and embracing all voices.

One of our purposes in everything we do is to create this sense of community that defines our brand and all the things we stand for!

We always want to envolve, embrace and move people by giving them a stage where they can use their voice and express their art.

This anual contest is open to everyone that wants to take their imagination to the next level by turning it in to a reality. Like transforming a draft in to a masterpiece.


In February we launched our first Creative Contest, challenging people to create and fuel their talent on the idea of how summer in Paradise would be. With this theme “Summer in Paradise” they could explore their art to the max with no limits, just freedom and pure imagination flying around looking for a place to “land”.

After we receive all the applications, we submitted all the illustrations to an online vote and our creative department chose the Top 3 candidates amongst the most voted.

The 2018 winner earn the opportunity to collaborate with our brand by launching a limited edition T-shirt based on his own illustration, transforming a draft in to wearable masterpiece.

Keep your ideas floating.