The Expedition

If you think for a moment there are many reasons why you take on a journey. To go somewhere you want, to go somewhere you need, to see new things, to challenge you, to find something, to find yourself… You always have a starting point and not always a destination. So, if you took this mindset to something deeper as your life you get that cliché statement, that is absolutely true, “life’s not about the destination but the journey”.

And so there it is. Our new collection is all about taking you all on an “EXPEDITION” through the most challenging places on earth. Places that will test us and try to see what are we made off.

You will see yourself one day under the burning sun, trough desert places and all of a sudden, the next day you could be lost in some beautiful, dangerous tropical forest. You must be ready for the unknown, that is the journey we sign up for, that’s life. The person you were when you left for this journey it’s not going to be the person you are when you reach your destination. But that’s the beauty of it, you will find your purpose, you will be stronger, you will be Metralha!


We leave nothing at chance and once again our collection has this story we want to tell you and it’s through some key elements that we make our stand!

The Golden Snake

Snake is an animal that has many meanings in different cultures.

For us, we went far back in history to bring like Adam and Eve snake meaning. A symbol of betrayal, deceive, that shows all the traps we may find along the way. The challenges that the environment around us throws at us but also the one we face inside ourselves in hard times. Something to remind us that danger is always peeking and we must be aware!


The Camels

That’s an easy one. Camels are one of the most resilient animals, capable of living in adverse circumstances like going several days without water and still keep going their way. That’s some impressive animal!

So, we can look up to them and be the most resilient as possible in our journey, in our lives, thriving to be better!

The Colors

Green is an obvious appeal to nature. To the forests of challenges that we are going to get by. But is also a reference to the hope we must keep in every step of the way.

Beige and Bordeaux are two colors often use to describe and refer to the desert, sandy places or more specific to Arabic ones. If we think about it, it’s funny how our minds work and how we connect colors to places or regions. The power of design once again!

Black, a color that we often use in our collections that sometimes, for itself works like a statement. A statement that brings seriousness, respect but also that kind of elegance that we see in ourselves!

The use of White. One of the main colors in the world. The color of peace, that travels in all our collections meaning the peace with the world and making peace with our inner battles along the way. A feeling of true liberation and virtude, that should travel with us in all the journeys we face.



Are you ready?


Are you ready?