Boots On The Ground

So, where do we go when we get out of the paradise?

Our next stop is the earth where is a lot of work to do, a mission to accomplish and battles to face. So, we marked our “Boots on the Ground” and got ready to face them.



We live in a fragile era, and yes, fragile is the word. Specially for the youth that is living now the time where they search for their identity and their voice and somehow can feel lost.

We all have battles, inner, outer, but today we live in an era where we can easily change the perception of the reality we’re in so we don’t have to deal with them.

It can be a fragile era in values and in being able to deal with the defeats but also with the conquests.

There is a danger here, that has to be stopped. A danger in a reality where everything seems perfect, easy to reach and where we can easily feel that we are entitled to have everything we want without putting some work on it. We just show the good parts because we don’t want to fail or to fall, not neither let somebody be an audience of that. But we are Humans and is in our imperfections that we find our strengths.


Worlwide Movement is a movement that was created to assume our humanity before ourselves and others. We as humans, we come in many shapes, colors, with emotions, feelings, with flaws, with everything that makes us who we truly are.

And it’s by trying, hustling through life, learning with our losses and reflecting in our victories that we shape ourselves and evolve. It’s by reinventing ourselves all the time in the world we live in, that we are going to reach our dreams.

It’s hard, sometimes it comes with a cost, but there’s how we accomplish our freedom and most important, there’s how we appreciate it.

So, it shouldn’t exist doubt when we express ourselves or use our voice, it’s our nature! And we should look up to the people around us that live their lives without fear!



Sky High – the cost of our freedom

In addition to the powerful colors we chose, we add the “aks” in various pieces.

The “aks” represent our strength and resistance to the adversities. Directly linked to the brand message, represent the battles we have to endure in our lives and never letting them to break us.

Harder than ever

This expression alone says it all! Why we sometimes don’t try to follow our voice? Because it’s hard, and in the society we live in, sometimes is harder than ever. Where we often see the rewards going only to the ones that follow the status quo, the “rules”, the ones that don’t challenged themselves. And the obstacles are left for the ones who try to evolve and find different paths.

Bravery on the field

 In the army, the badges represent the battles you face in the war and the status you acquire by facing them. These badges represent also the battles you face but these are the ones you face in your real life. A reward, a symbol for all the bumps you overcome to get where you are or where you want to be. Because, the harder the battle, the sweeter the victory!

Worlwide Movement

The statement that symbolizes the movement that is growing on the streets. A movement that stands right beside dreams, artists, hustlers, that stands by you!

Protect your dreams and follow your path!


Photo session : London, UK
Photo: Bruno Ferreira
Video: Vasco, André